Bus cuts a ‘transport disaster’

Reporter: Erin Heywood
Date published: 19 October 2012

A former Oldham Mayor has slammed plans to dramatically reduce bus services around Saddleworth.

Richard Knowles ripped into the proposed revision of local bus times which would see Greenfield’s 180 First bus service cut from half hourly to hourly, should the changes come into effect from October 28.

The plans will go before the Bus Network of Transport for Greater Manchester tomorrow.

The former councillor said: “There has been no public consultation.

“Greenfield is Saddleworth’s largest village in population and will lose half of its Oldham and Manchester services, while Uppermill reduces from four to three buses an hour.

“The hourly 180 Greenfield bus will no longer interchange with trains at Greenfield Station.

“This is a public transport disaster which needs to be reconsidered urgently. Local residents without cars will be really isolated.”

The major changes will be accompanied by a large selection of minor timetable revisions and cuts

Mr Knowles added: “These savage bus cuts are also due to start when the rail service to Manchester is shut down for 10 days while track and platform changes are made at Stalybridge Station.

“This shows a complete lack of co-ordination.”

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